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Our main objective is to provide the local and rural farmer with all farming requirements at an affordable, yet effective way.


All spares are readily available, including the infrastructure to repair all products sold with exceptional service guaranteed. Below is A condensed list of products and implements we can supply i.e.


           Mounted irrigation systems


           4 Row seed planters

           6 Row seed planters

           1,2m Slasher mower


           Brick Making Machines

           4 – Wheel tractors

           30hp 4x2 and 4x4

           Hammer Mills

           Diesel Engines “AgriHop”.

o         12Hp - 15 Hp - 20-Hp Electric  

           Centrifugal pumps.

           De – Watering pump.

           Cannon & Tripod PY1 – 40

           Trailer mounted Pumps.

           Generator / welder single phase A.C.

           Service and repairs.

           Training on the use of the equipment supplied.

           Full range of Spares.


Below are various applications of the Agrihop Tractor,  including the specifications of all the farming implements that can be used when farming.                                              




 Use in a walk-behind or ride-on manner.

 Incredibly versatile, with a large range of interchangeable implements.

 Driven by the 12 hp diesel engine.

 8 gears, 6 forward and 2 reverse. Top speed of 17 km/h.

 PTO is via three V-belts.

 The tractor can be used with a range of implements, many of which are featured below.

 It can pull a 2,5 ton capacity trailer.



Single-share plough, can plough over a hectare per day.

 Single-share plough.

 Plough can be raised and lowered to adjust depth and facilitate travel to and from the field of work.

Plough is turnaround type and one walks behind the tractor (the steal wheels are advisable for ploughing).


Powered disc plough is a unique item of equipment and is driven directly from the tractor gearbox.

 Perfect for use in lighter sandy soils.

 This plough has a third wheel and seat and can thus be used in ride-on or walk-behind functions.

 Three discs rotate at approximately 100 r/min angled at 15º off the centre line of the tractor.

 Tilling can be carried out at a brisk 10 km/h.

 Plough to a depth of 210 mm.

 The final effect is an even, billiard-table finish.

 Ideal for preparation prior to planting or for tilling in between vines or orchard trees.


Double-share walk-behind plough, ideal for small kitchen gardens or for awkward or small areas.

 Extremely manoeuvrable.

 Available in 2-disc or 2-share form.



Diamond harrow, has 20 tines and attaches to the tool bar.

           It is a well-known, tried and tested implement used throughout Africa.

           Working width of 900 mm.



Cultivator, has 5 S-tines and attaches to the tool bar.

 It is a used for weeding in between crops.

 Working width of 900 mm.



Rotovator, has a third wheel and seat and can thus be used in ride-on or walk-behind functions.

Rotovation depths of up to 220 mm.

Rotovation width of up to 600 mm.

Speeds for rotovation from 1 to 12 km/h.

Two types of tine: 'chisel' for stony soils and the curved tine for more freshly turned soil.

Ideal for use in preparing seedbeds, especially in tunnels, or weeding between crops and in horse lunge arenas.


The 6-row planter

Plants 1 - 6 rows over a total width of 1,2 m.

Designed specifically for rice and wheat, but is equally effective at dispensing other small to medium-sized seed.

Effective for sowing grass seed.

Has a 48 x 100 mm tine rotovator for "fluffing up" the soil.

Drills can plant seed to a depth of up to 60 mm.

Lightweight roller seals the seedbed without compacting.


 Slasher mower

 Twin bladed and can be used for cutting veld grass or for lawns and fairways.

 Extremely effective for cutting firebreaks, which presents good opportunities for entrepreneurs.

 It is both robust and powerful.

 1,2 m width and the cut height can be varied from scarifying to 80 mm.




 Specifically for cutting dry grasses such as wheat and rice.

 Sickle bar of 1,3 m.

 Cuts to a minimum stubble height of 60 cm.

 Forms windrows, which makes it ideal for harvesting grain crops such as wheat, barley and rice.

 Front mounted.

 Practical operating speed of 5 km/h.





Irrigation pumps with capacities of 22m3/h at 40 m head and 30m3/h at 45 m head are available.

They can be used in stationary or tractor-mounted applications.

The great advantage of having a tractor-mounted pump is that it can be driven back to a secure facility after use.

Pumps are equipped with recessed impeller and mechanical seal.

Spray cannon and tripods are also shown above.




The 2,5 t tipper version is exactly the same design, but is equipped with a hydraulically operated tipping device.







A 1 ton farm trailer can be attached to the tractor.



30 hp 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 TRACTORS


 4-wheel tractors have 3-point lifts and a standard 540 r/min PTO.

 Most conventional implements can be attached to the tractors.

 Some of the implements that are used are shown below, including the 2,5 and 4 ton rough-terrain trailers.



Furrow width           200 mm                              Total working width           400 mm

Ploughing depth      170 - 220 mm                    Field capacity          0,14 - 0,19 ha/h

(at a speed of 4,4 - 6,0 km/h)    



Working width         1 300 mm                           Number of discs      12

Disc diameter          460 mm                              Mounting       3-point

Overall dimensions  1590 x 1230 x 830 mm

Weight          200 kg                                                      Maximum depth      100 - 140 mm

Angle of disc gangs  Front 0, 14, 17, 20  Rear 0, 17, 20, 23



Tilling width   1 100 mm                           Number of blades    20 or 24

Mounting       3-point                                           Power required        11 - 15 kW

PTO speed     540 r/min                            Tilling depth  120 - 200 mm

Shaft speed   220 r/min                            Working speed        8 - 10 km/h

Shaft turning radius          245 mm                   Overall dimensions  800 x 1 410 x 830mm



Overall dimensions  1200 x 1800 x 900 mm    

Weight          185 kg                                                      Power required        11 - 15 kW                         

Row width     540 mm                              Number of rows       Up to 4                               

Maximum seeding width    2 160 mm     Seeding depth         30 - 50 mm

 Cultivat1    6 row planter 004   

  Cultivator                            Tractor Driven Maize Mill    Hammer Mill 

IR15   TEAMCOL                                                         Spray Cannon                       2.5 Ton Capacity Trailer

Rotovator 003a   LHSR copy VT+p30   

Rotovator                              Slasher Mower                        Pump Mounted On

Planter 4 row a   Plough 021

4 Row Planter                        Agrihop



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